“Violet products are freshly handmade in-house every week with natural ingredients that often sound quite yummy, like chocolate oil, wild-rose syrup, and honey. “Armenia is a small country, so the chemicals industry was not developed there. Our grandmas were teaching us to use all-natural products on our skin, the same ones we consumed in our foods,” Mkhitaryan explains.”

October 2010

“StuffMagazine: Natural Beauties”

“Delicious facial at Violet Skin Boutique (257 Newbury Street, Boston, 617.262.7546). A local favorite, Violet Mkhitaryan is best known for her homemade beauty remedies. Check out her new rose and chocolate facials and spa packages; leave with clear skin and a healthy glow — and smelling deee-licious.”

February 2008

“StuffMagazine: Perfect tens: Lots of lists for Valentine’s season”

“Not surprisingly, then, turning eating habits around can bring significant improvements. Violet Mkhitaryan, president and founder of Violet Enterprises, goes so far as to write out recipes to treat the dermatological woes of her clients at Violet Skin Boutique. Mkhitaryan, a favorite in Boston for her holistic approach to skin care, remedies her clients’ issues on a case-by-case basis.”

October 2007

“StuffMagazine: Inside-out Beauty”

“You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you book an organic detoxifying facial at Violet Skin Boutique. A return to the days when skin care meant whipping up some egg whites and oatmeal, the treatment starts with a deep herbal extract cleanse that chases away toxins, then moves into a steam session and gentle exfoliation with the house specialty — a cranberry peel made from fresh cranberries and volcanic ash.”

November 2006

“Come Clean – Violet Skin Boutique’s Detoxifying Facial”

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