Radiant Rose Petal Face Oil nourishes dull and fatigued skin with a concentrated rose-based formula. Bulgarian roses improve skin tone and texture, as jojoba oil and argan oil boost natural oil production for softer, younger-looking complexions. Rose essential oils aid in moisture retention and increase elasticity to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This light and non-greasy formula absorbs instantly. The result is a lasting radiant glow.

Ingredients: organic argan oil, rose hip seed oil. organic amaranth oil, bulgarian rose essential oil (rosa damascene) & naturally derived fragrance oil blend, fresh rose flower petals


Apply 2-3 drops to a clean face twice a day with or instead of a moisturizer for a dewy, glowing finish. Can also be used as a make-up primer.

Violet recommends using this product for all skin types. Use product 2 times a day.