“Violet products are freshly handmade in-house every week with natural ingredients that often sound quite yummy, like chocolate oil, wild-rose syrup, and honey. “Armenia is a small country, so the chemicals industry was not developed there. Our grandmas were teaching us to use all-natural products on our skin, the same ones we consumed in our foods,” Mkhitaryan explains.”

October 2010

“StuffMagazine: Natural Beauties”

“Violet Skin Boutique in Boston is known for the organic and holistic approach they take on skin care. Violet herself has designed a full menu of facials that addresses all types of skin conditions. Unlike other salons, Violet’s products are all 100% natural and handmade locally with no preservatives. Her facials include steaming, extractions, customized masks, creams and oils, and every facial is finished with a face, neck, and décolleté massage. And Violet herself is often present, administering her potions and lotions in the soothing technique she has perfected.”

July, 2007

“Violet Skin Boutique”