Violet Signature Facial Massage with Flower & Herbal Essences

Youth Preserve Facial massage is a blend of natural lift massage, acupressure, facial reflexology  techniques and lymphatic drainage using organic, regenerating face oils of Herbal Kalizia & Rose Petal and energy mists from roses, herbs and black tea. This signature face massage tones and lifts facial  muscles, increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, the perpetual frown and dreaded under-eyes bags and improves skin complexion. It is wonderful for relaxing and releasing stress, leaving you feeling and  looking your best.

The Massage

Massage is performed using a range of facial reflexology techniques and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and Acupressure points are tapped to stimulate the oxygenation of the skin, helping to brighten the skin and tone the face.

The massage ends with the closing of pores and cooling of face using fresh toners from natural extracts of flowers, herbs and tea known for for their regenerative and energetic qualities. Toners will strengthen and balance the circulatory system, and releases impurities.

The Benefits

Benefits of The Violet Facial Massage may include increased flexibility in the facial muscles, more defined features such as cheekbones and jaw line, improved muscles tone and reduced sagginess, reduction of tension induced sinus problems, increased alertness, relief of tension headaches and eye strain as well as improved complexion and relaxation.


Price: $65 for a 30 minute treatment