It’s almost New Year and you guessed it!


Did you notice a few blemishes when you looked in the mirror this morning? Are your energy levels just not quite what they should be? Do the leftover chocolates and wine keep tempting you? Maybe your exercise routine has slipped. These are common concerns among many of my clients. Now, with new year resolutions on everyone’s mind, it’s time to change.


A good detox plan will help boost your liver and digestive functions and ensure that foods and toxins are handled efficiently. The result is good health and a sense of wellbeing. Cutting outs sugar and processed food from your diet helps you lose those nagging pounds, of course, but one thing I like to focus on—something I see over and over again—is that healthy diet leads to healthy skin. A great way to jump-start a healthy eating habit is to start juicing. Many people who think it’s just a fad come to me after trying it and tell me how much more energetic they feel. Here are a few of my favorites foods that are so good for your skin


The only way to make changes and open your mind to the new is to let go of everything you want to leave behind. Skincare is a fitting metaphor. Shedding the skin allows us to move into the new year and make more space for opportunity.

The average American woman uses 10 skin care and beauty products before she leaves the house in the morning. Conventional products are loaded with chemicals and preservatives that interfere with absorption of the useful ingredients. The skin is your largest digestive organ. This is the primary reason we design and offer our handmade products in our treatments. And you can take them home, too.

REVISIT YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE: The most critical step in getting into a new skincare routine should be to look at your shelves and get rid of the soaps & shampoos loaded with ingredients you can’t pronounce!
Another important step that I can’t recommend enough is a simple weekend detox. No need to fast, purge or rearrange your life. There are quick and easy methods like massages and facials that flush out waste and toxins

Of everything I’ve learned in my studies and my experience with clients, one of the most important pieces of advice I have to offer is: just relax. Instead of reaching for whirring diamond-tip microdermabrasion devices and flashing laser lights, I rely on the power of touch—a concept that seems positively radical in a world where more-is-more is the common approach to many aspects of daily life. A good massage during your Violet facial isn’t just a superficial bonus. It’s a key part of the process. It boosts circulation and brings oxygen to the skin. Lymphatic drainage clears out toxins and extra fluid.

Every client I’ve seen over the past 30 years has his or her own skin type. Every client gets a carefully designed, individually tailored treatment with fresh masks prepared at the time of service. My aestheticians and I rely exclusively on an arsenal of skin plumping, super-hydrating masks, from detoxifying herbs and oils. I created each of my handmade products with active anti-oxidants that bring blood to the surface of the skin, pushing out the dirt and toxins. Remember healthy skin is glowing skin, from inside out.

Happy New Year!