fall skin

Summer’s sun-drenched, lazy beachside days are behind us as temperatures dip and calendars are once again rife with responsibilities. First on the agenda? Getting your skin care routine in check. Here is Violet’s guide to establishing a maintenance plan towards achieving an amazing Fall skin.


Remove each day’s impurities (makeup, excess oil buildup) with an evening face washing session. In fact, never skip an evening cleanse – it’s the best thing you can do for your skin. Lavender milky cleanser is gentle make up and excess oil remover that will restore your skin’s natural radiance

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use daily, morning & night



Achieving luminosity and an enviable glow requires the sloughing of old, dry skin that can block pores and give complexions a dull appearance. Our rice exfoliating powder will leave skin radiant and touchably smooth with regular use.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Incorporate 2-3 times a week in your evening skin care routine. (can be used in combination with lavender cleansing milk)



Now that you’ve cleansed and exfoliated, apply Violet face oil loaded with antioxidants and hydrating anti-aging oils, like amaranth to give your skin a boost at a cellular level. Consider serums your best defense against signs of age.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply a thin layer in the morning and evening after cleansing.



While serums deeply penetrate into the skin, a luxurious cream acts as a hydrating, protective barrier that keeps the goodness in. Violet Signature Face cream (formerly known as Cleopatra) formulated with honey, aloe and rose oil defends again wrinkles, preserves collagen, seals in moisture and softens skin. .

FOR BEST RESULTS: Gently massage a moisturizer into the skin morning and night.



Not to be forgotten is the skin that covers you from head to toe. Improve skin elasticity, plump with omegas for youthful and healthy skin regeneration with Violet nourishing and super hydrating light all over body oils.
FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply all over on damp skin right after shower or add a few drops to warm bath.
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