FARM TO FACIAL by South Shore Living

Featured in SCENE as one of the leading luxury spas

Blossoming as one of the leading luxury spas in Boston area, Violet Skin Boutique is focused on both beauty & wellness. Their philosophy is simple and purely based on natural...

South Shore Magazine: Life & Style

“When you walk into the Violet Skin Boutique spa in downtown Hingham, you know that you are in for a treat. The chic interiors, calm atmosphere and highly trained staff...

South Shore Living: The Very Best of the South Shore Awards

Violet South Street wins “Best Facial!” July 2014

The Improper Bostonian: Boston’s Best

Violet wins “Best Local Product!” “The best testimonial to the all-natural products that Violet Mkhitaryan makes herself? There’s not a wrinkle in sight on the 62-year-old’s face. A native of...

Mestro Vstrechi RTVi

See Violet Skin Boutique founders,Violet Mkhitaryan & Susanna Nassar interviewed by Marina Levinson on Russian TV discussing our innovative, natural approach to skin care. May 2013 “Violet Skin Boutique with...

The Boston Globe: Style Feb 2013

“Violet Mkhitaryan’s lab could easily be mistaken for a pastry chef’s kitchen. Glass pots of pungent chamomile, peppermint, and fenugreek line the counter. A colossal 18-year-old aloe plant sits ceremoniously...

Stuff Magazine: Local Beauties

“The story: Bostonians benefit from skincare guru Violet Mkhitaryan’s Old World beauty secrets. Drawing on her biochemistry background and ancient recipes of her native Armenia, she’s created a much-loved line...

Boston Magazine: Weddings

Violet Skin Boutique is featured in the editorial for its luxurious bridal packages. Fall/Winter 2011 The Best of Boston Every Day

“The more we learn about what goes into skin-care products that are mass-produced (think: formaldehyde and chemicals that mess with your hormones), the more dedicated we become to hunting down...

Stuff Magazine: Natural Beauties

“Violet products are freshly handmade in-house every week with natural ingredients that often sound quite yummy, like chocolate oil, wild-rose syrup, and honey. “Armenia is a small country, so the...

Best of City Search 2009 Winner

Violet wins “Best Facial” 2009

Martha Stewart’s Whole Living: Body+Soul

“Chocolate Mask by Violet Skin Boutique Completely natural ingredients like fresh egg yolk, chocolate oil, and eglantine-seed syrup come together in a handmade sweet treat for face and neck.” October...

Best of City Search 2008 Winner

Violet wins for “Best Facial” 2008

Every Day with Rachel Ray

“Freshen up with a facial at Violet Skin Boutique. The beauty potions are handmade and sound so good they should be labeled DO NOT EAT! Don’t be surprised if you’re...

Stuff Magazine: Perfect tens

“Delicious facial at Violet Skin Boutique (257 Newbury Street, Boston, 617.262.7546). A local favorite, Violet Mkhitaryan is best known for her homemade beauty remedies. Check out her new rose and...

Stuff Magazine: Inside-out Beauty

“Not surprisingly, then, turning eating habits around can bring significant improvements. Violet Mkhitaryan, president and founder of Violet Enterprises, goes so far as to write out recipes to treat the...

Boston Magazine: Best of Boston 2007

Violet wins “Best Waxing in Boston” Violet wins “Best Manicure, Back Bay” 2007

Best of City Search 2007 Winner

Violet wins “Best Facial” 2007

Boston Magazine

“Violet Skin Boutique in Boston is known for the organic and holistic approach they take on skin care. Violet herself has designed a full menu of facials that addresses all...

DailyCandy: Come Clean

“You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when you book an organic detoxifying facial at Violet Skin Boutique. A return to the days when skin care meant whipping up some egg...

Boston Magazine: Best of Boston 2006

Violet wins “Best Massage in Boston” 2006

Best of City Search 2006 Winner

Violet wins “Best Facial” 2006

Boston Magazine: Best of Boston 2005

Violet wins “Best Facial in Boston” 2005

Stuff @ Night: SeeingViolet

“A Newbury Street skin boutique succeeds – naturally” July, 2005 “Seeing Violet”

DailyCandy: “Wax On, Wax Off”

“Some truths are just immutable. A bikini wax will never be as soothing as, say, homemade chicken soup. But when Violet Mkhitaryan, founder of Violet Skin Boutique, is doing the...

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